Matrix thoughts 2006

In the movie "The Matrix" Morpheus tells Neo: "Free your mind!". This is the main message of the movie. Morpheus stands for "knowledge", "Neo" is Greek and means "The New". Morpheus' source for knowledge and information is on a higher level than the Matrix or the "real world". The Oracle (of Delphi), which is known from Greek Mythology, is symbol for a source of knowledge, a medium that has access to higher levels of being. So Morpheus "knows" that our mind in the world of the Matrix is trapped in an artificial, limited state. Neo got an impression of this knowledge. Only with painful deconditioning he was able to set himself free from the mental limitations of the pseudo-real world (the matrix). But after deliverance of his mind from the "old" point of view he finally could experience and apply his true potential. Only a free mind can create the reality that fits to the inner picture. Within these energies no more influences or manipulations are possible.

I interpret it like this: The Matrix is a symbol for all influences that restrain us in our free will and free thinking. That can be very "simple" institutions like media, advertisement, powerful gossipers like politicians, idols or celebrities, or religion. But also education, cultural environment (that thing sometimes called "mentality"), experiences (positive and negative ones). The latter ones are more difficult to detect. They are subtle and without realising it these influences make us think into special directions or make decisions we would not have made with a "free mind".

"Become mentally free", this is the message, because all we think is conditioned. Thinking is never "the thing itself". Only direct recognition, "that what is", lets us experience reality. On the other side our thinking creates the reality in the range of its possibility. Continuously we reflect the incoming signals (example: naked breasts make men switch on the Channel "erotic" and lead to certain inner pictures...). "Liberation of mind" means, to make sure - to KNOW instead of to believe - that the mind can do EVERYTHING! That it is absolutely necessary to set oneself free from conditioning and limitation!

Concerning the fighting scenes in the movie: Fight is never a successful way to solve problems elementarily. What we could see in the three "Matrix"-movies in a very excessive way was fighting scenes between "free", "undocked" people and programs of the matrix, which appeared in the form of "agents". In my opinion this has to be understood as a picture: These spectacular fights illustrate the inner struggle of people with their own deadlocked mind patterns and with the programs that control the people remotely from outside. When we do not fight against the limitations of our mind, but induce an overcoming of inner limitations, then we can get a little closer to the "real world".

First there must be an impulsion to start thinking about life and to realise that something is wrong. That impulsion can be friends, which talk with you about that topic, that can be yourself, because you realise you only exist and do not "live",  it can be results from philosophical or religious studies. In every case you "gain knowledge (Morpheus)". You start to renew yourself somehow, that means you are in the role of "Neo". The first task (if regarded as "task" at all...) is, to realise that thinking and therefore finally daily life is over-directed. Spoken in symbols from the movie: Choose the blue or the red pill. Of course you can have a good life without ever thinking about it, but I am very very sure that after exiting the Matrix, life will be much more fulfilled. If you do not want to go the difficult way (exiting the Matrix), you simply stop thinking about it. But if you choose the way of "knowledge and realisation", it will be quite inconvenient first. You are thrown out of familiar uses, many stones laying in your way: incomprehension from your friends, to high mental demands, doubts if the decision was right, economical reasons (no money, no time, no "tools"). And then you fight an apparently hopeless struggle against the "programs", which you want to leave just now. It is is more or less easy to gain "immunity of advertisements", being critical with media or rumble a gossiper. Much more difficult it will be to realise and work on the deadlocked thinking patterns and behaviour schemes, which you have due to education or habit. But what is after that? What will be after destroying all the limiting programs? I claim that you will be able to unleash the full power of your personality. If you realise what and who your are, how you identify yourself and determine your position in the world, what you want and what makes your really feel happiness and joy, and also how to give and take love. That sounds somehow abstract. Of course you can guide your life without all this knowledge (without exiting the Matrix), love, be happy, have hobbies, know your favourite things, even find a sense of life. But on another level! The key word is "Illusion". An easy example: You wake up in the morning. Why you already have bad mood? Because a program (maybe education in this case (you early learned "sun = good, rain = evil") or experience (rain makes you sick)) predicts this reaction! Because of bad mood your creativity and mental freedom is limited, because part of the energy you have is "wasted" by the bad mood. But if you obtain a wide world view and a positive way to look upon life, maybe you realise that this aspect of life (weather) is absolutely unimportant and irrelevant. You should waste so much time on it, let things flow. Then your day starts completely differently. It is the same with busses that come late, people around you who are inconvenient, more or less bad habits, but also more evil things like addictions, racism, or mental diseases. Outside the Matrix all this does not exist and an individual human can concentrate on life and put all energy and awareness on guiding life in the right way. Life will become much better than!

What I was talking about so far is mainly two things: "What is reality?" and "Can I make myself free from manipulation?" The first one is maybe the "most philosophical" question ever! No one can ever give an answer that is 100% right. Some people say "reality is what eyes see, ears here, nose smells, mouth tastes and skin feels. But strict people say this is also not true, because all we recognise by our five senses is an interpretation of our brain, nothing more. Our brain can make mistakes. After all every recognition is a short electrical signal in the brain. Imagine you could simulate an electrical signal in the brain and make the person see a tree. But is the tree reality now? Of course it is not, although someone has seen it. Obviously it is not so easy to determine reality. But after all it is a very abstract question and I do not want to answer it. Even if we could find an answer, we are not any step further! It is not useful to spend much time with thinking about it! I just want to point out: Do not trust what you see, hear, smell, taste, feel! To see reality you should go a step further!

And this leads me to the second question. Whenever you do something, say something, make a decision, etc.  I am sure you do it to the best of your knowledge. You have experiences, education, a certain culture with typical habits surrounding you... All this makes you act in a special way. For example: when you was a child your parents told you "Never go outside when it is raining, you might get sick!", maybe sometimes you really catch a cold after walking in the rain, and also in Kindergarten you learn "Rain is evil, sun is good!". Now you are older and every morning when you wake up and it is raining, your day starts with bad mood. And because of bad mood you have no motivation to wake up and start the day without power and energy. But why? It is all because your complete state of mind (mood, emotions, motivation, etc.) depends strongly on education or experience. But now imagine you could make yourself free from that. Imagine you wake up in the morning, it is raining, but you do not care, you are even happy about the rain! And it really does not matter which weather is outside, because you are independent from that influence! You are always happy! And start every day with motivation and energy!

Now back to my first words: All these influences like education, experience, culture (I think you can imagine many more) I call "Matrix". The Matrix makes you come to certain conclusions, decisions, habits, etc. It manipulates your mind, but you do not recognise that. It makes you think always in the same way, always the same pattern, the same direction. Your live can not develop to the fullest. It can not develop as you want, because you are caught in the Matrix. Your decisions are not free, not directly from your heart, but influenced by the factors of the Matrix. You can never be 100% creative, never be 100% happy and never 100% independent. Imagine you could exit the Matrix, leave all manipulation and limitation behind. All decisions you make are free now, directly from your heart or your brain, but never influenced by the elements of the Matrix. You would really always do what YOU want! And not what society, friends, parents, teachers might want. Finally you would develop many abilities, high creativity and unlimited happiness. That's why I stated "Free your mind!" (= Exit the Matrix!) It means "make yourself free from all influences, from your five senses!". Look with your heart, the eyes are blind for the most important things! Find out what you want, how you could develop. Your mind can do everything!

In Christian religion one of the key stories is the banishment of Adam and Eve from paradise. In the first book of Moses it is written: But the snake was more cunning than all other animals god had created, and it spoke to Eve: "Did God really tell you, you should not eat the fruits from the trees in this garden?" And the woman replied: "We eat the fruits in this garden, but god said about the fruits from the tree in the middle of the garden that we should neither eat nor touch them, otherwise we would die!" Then the snake said "Oh, for sure you would not die! But god knows: On that day, when you eat these fruits, your eyes will be open, and you will be like god and know what is good and evil!".

At first I want to point out that this part should be regarded carefully: God lies! Adam and Eve did not die... God forbid to eat the fruits from the Tree of Knowledge. But what mustn't they know? That they were manipulated! What is good and evil. This knowledge is the basis and the beginning of exiting the Matrix. For sure the "Master of the Matrix" does not allow to exit the Matrix. From this point of view, the God from the Bible stands in a very bad light! In contrast to that the snake seems to be the friend of mankind. "You will be like god!". This is a very important sentence, because it contains, that EVERY human owns the power of creation and the energy to "make", he just has to know how to use it.

Imagination creates reality, and religions modify the imagination of the people and influence their thoughts, opinions and deeds. All religions, that suppress people, that call humans "sinner", they make people be slaves and gain power from the energy (of fear), so they are part of the Matrix. Indeed since the beginning of time religions have been instruments to guide people into certain directions und to make them move in a limited structure, that means in a Matrix. Religion is a "program", adopted to the different mentalities and traditions of the people. Especially the old testament from the bible mainly used this (fear-)potential for its own purpose, with taboos like "Heaven and hell", "damnations" and "Judgement days". Und people believed it! And this submissive, suppliant and guilty behaviour was transmitted so long that still today some people think they are absolutely unworthy.

Even in the main prayer, the "Pater nostra" ("Lord's prayer") the guilt is main topic. "Lord, forgive us our guilt...". Everywhere guilt is mentioned. Because of that the people are not able to recognize and to live their power potentials, so they can never find their inner middle, their equilibrium. This artificial fear makes the people be slaves, marionettes of themselves and suppresses their creative energy, which they carry in their souls. This always present aspect within the people could be activated at any time, so that people can reach the entireness of real being. This return into creative freedom, that means the removal of all systems, was always inhibited by the chains of the artificial capture inside the Matrix. Mainly by monotheistic religions (religions with only one god as the focus of faith) - they are the most evil aspects of the Matrix.

The atheistic philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer stated that Buddhism is the most ambitious, intellectual and comprehensive model of believing and being at all. Buddha, the founder of this persuasion, was simply an enlightened person without any personification with a "son of the omnipotent creator". His way to god was direct, without any help by any priests. Buddha stepped out of the Matrix by a liberated mind - same as a young man 2000 years ago in Palestine. Their message was the same: "Free your mind and go into love!".