Many Korean dishes are based on two different pastes from which sauces or soups are made: Doenjang (된장, soybean paste) and Gochujang (고추장, hot pepper paste). A typical Doenjang-dish is Doenjangjjigae (된장찌개), a soup with meat or fish, tofu, vegetables and the paste:

I like the spicy food made from hot pepper paste! Here are some examples:

Deokbokki (덕볶이), usually bought at stand on the street:

A variation from it with more noodles is called Labokki (라볶이):

The same is also used for Dakdoritang (닭도리탕), a hot chicken dish:

Also the version with squid or octopus (오징어덮밥 or 낙지볶음) is extraordinarily delicious!

One of the hottest dishes I ever ate was "Buldak" (불닭, "fire chicken"):

The last example of dishes including hot pepper paste is Bibimbap (비빔밥), rice mixed with vegetables, egg and the paste. It is served well decorated and must be mixed before eating.

In Korea eating is a social event. In many menus the table is full of side-dishes (pickled vegetables, like Kimchi (김치), salad, garlic, etc.) and in the middle is a kind of BBQ for making meat. Most popular is Samgyeopsal (삼겹살, "three-layer-meat", porc).

Another porc or beef dish is Bulgogi (불고기):

With this principle also 순대 (Soondae) is made, they call it "Korean black sausage"... It is filled with a mixture of noodles and soy sauce.

More meat dishes: Chicken stew (찜닭):

Ox-bone-soup (갈비탕):

Also fish and other seafood in various forms is very popular in Korea! Just to name a few: Raw fish (회):

Seafood stew (해물찜):

Spicey seafood soup (Jambbong, 짬뽕):

There are many noodle dishes! Here are some examples: Udong (우동), noodle soup.

Cold noodle soup with ice (Naengmyun, 냉면):

Instant noodles in various kinds (라면, Lamyun or Ramen):

Other typical Korean food: Kimbap (김밥, Korean style Maki-Sushi):

Noodle salad with noodles made from sweet potatoes, Chapchae (잡채):

Korean pancake (Pajeon, 파전) with many sidedishes, here with Naengmyun...

Fried rice (볶음밥), simple but good:

This is a typical Korean breakfast table. Many dishes, soup, fish, rice...

Essential side-dish and probably national cultural heritage: Kimchi (김치), pickled and fermented cabbage in various forms.

Rice cake (송편, Songpyeon):

A dessert for the summer, crushed ice with fruits, vanilla icecream or milk, and red beans (팥빙수):

Finally there is a type of dish that comes originally from China but has so many influences from Korea that it made its own category, called Chunghwayori (중화요리). Here are some examples:

Mandu is called Jiaozi in China. There are many different kinds of Mandu! I love them all!

Sweet and sour sauce with vegetables and meat (Tangsuyuk, 탕수육):

This here is called 짜장면 (Zzazangmyun), noodles in black sauce with onions and beef. The chinese version is called "Jiajiangmien".