I have been to Korea three times so far:

The report in german linked above is the final report of my research stay in 2006. The pictures are mainly taken by me or by friends.

I will not give general information about Korea. If you are interested please read here (english) or here (german).

Here is a map that shows where in the world Korea is:

Why Korea?

My interest in Korea originates from a girlfriend who is a German-born Korean (교포, daughter of Korean people living in Germany since the 1970s). In order to explore her roots (she didn't know Korea well, has been there only once in her life for three weeks) I decided to spend a semester in Korea. The girlfriend is gone out of my life in the meantime, but since my stay in Korea my love for this great country is totally independent from her!

Where in Korea have I been?

I stayed in the capital Seoul for studying and have seen nearly every interesting spot in this incredible city. But I took a lot of time for travelling, too! See the map:

Seoul (서울) and surrounding area: Palaces, Namsan and tower, Han river, Hongdae and Shinchon, Gwanaksan, Olympia park, Zoo, Morning calmness botanical garden, Incheon Pentaport rock festival, and many more (see here).

Paju (파주): North Korea Observatory

Suwon (수원): Hwaseong

Sokcho (속초): Seoraksan (설악산) tour and beach

Kangneung (강능) and Jeongdongjin (정동진)

Andong (안동): Folk village

Kyungju (경주): all famous sights, temple stay at Golgulsa (골굴사)

Busan (부산): Gwangalli (광안리) and Haeundae (해운대) Beach, Jagalji (자갈지) fish market, and others

Jeju Island (제주도): Jeju city, Seoguipo, Sunrise peak, Hallasan


What I like about Korea:

The Korean culture that made its own unique stand between the two "big" neighbours China and Japan is extraordinarily beautiful and magnificent! All over the country temples, palaces, folk villages and other cultural heritages can be seen. The Nature is impressive and the country has many different shapes of landscapes: mountain sceneries, great forests, beautiful beaches and subtropical islands. The peoples mentality is very friendly, polite, respectful and nice. At no time I ever felt uncomfortable with anyone in Korea. The food is no doubt the most delicious food in the world! Two typical Korean things I really miss in Germany: 노래방 (Korean style Karaoke) and 찜질방 (Korean style Spa)...

What I don't like about Korea: