The mind is the source of all experiences and by changing the adjustment (or direction) of the mind we can change the quality of everything we experience and perceive. By transforming our mind, everything we perceive is transformed, like everything appears yellow when putting on glasses with yellow-stained glas and blue with blue-stained glasses. Serenity (or clearness) can be understood as the creative aspect of the mind. All we perceive we perceive with the power of our awareness. The creative ability of our mind is truely unlimited. This creative aspect is the natural consequence of the unity of serenity (clearness) and emptiness (the knowledge that everything is empty of a "self", empty of specific properties and aspects independent from everything else). In Tibetian language this is called "magagpa", which can be translated as unhinderedness, or sometimes as "power" or "ability". The meaning in all cases is the same: the freedom of the mind to experience everything as it is, whatever it is.


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