Delicious impressions...

Here are some pictures of food that I made and some bakery.

Many years ago I made some simple dishes that I knew from my Mom, like the "Auflauf" (french: Gratin, english: casserole) with potatoes, vegetables and cheese, or the pancake with spinach, salmon and goat cheese.


In Germany we often make BBQ. Grilled sausages are popular, but also meat and grilled vegetables.


We also take eating as a social event sometimes. One of the most popular dinners for family meetings or small partys with friends is "Raclette", with different kinds of meat, vegetables, fish, etc. grilled on a device in the middle of the table:

Recently I often make salad! My favourite version includes carrot, cucumber, paprika, corn, egg and ham. A typical dessert I often got at my parents home is jelly pudding. Here you see red and green one, nearly finished (because it is so delicious, it was gone even before I could take out the camera... a special colour effect is added...).


I really like when food is colourful! Look at those vegetables! Red, orange, yellow, green are "delicious" colours. Actually, by eating only food with those colours and avoiding all kind of brownish food (meat, bakery, chocolate) I lost 20kg in 2005! I think these colours mark all the healthy food! There are many ways to make the food more colourful! See the Korean crab meat rolls (게맛살 밀쌈) with crab meat (mixed with eggs and corn) wrapped in pancakes. The red ones are died with fresh beetroot, the green ones with blended spinach, the yellow ones with blended carrot.


Another way to make colourful sauces is using paprika. In this chicken dish the red sauce is made from blended red paprika (with chili), the yellow from yellow paprika (with curry) and the green from green paprika (with basil). The combination of them looks good and tastes good (one is spicy, one is exotic, one is mild)!

Now I want to show you food from all over the world. One of my favourite dishes is "Chili con carne" from Mexico (left picture), very (very!) spicy! I add more vegetables than in the original Chili con carne, that looks more colourful and makes it more delicious... On the right is an african one-pot-dish called "Bulgur", including chicken, vegetables and wheat grain.


The next things are my favourite foods in Japan! The first is Takoyaki, fried squid balls. I even got a special pan in Japan so that I am able to make them at home. Below is a picture of Okonomiyaki, japanese pancake filled with shrimps, salmon and more...


On lunar calendars New Year I made dumplings (chinese: Jiaozi, Korean: Mandu, Japanese: Gyoza). Some I fried in a pan, others I used for a soup (Korean: Manduguk).


Here is another kind of dumplings, steamed buns called "Baozi" in chinese and "Wang-mandu (King's Dumpling, 왕만두)" in Korean.

The next are two Korean dishes made in a pan. Left: the perfect summer meal: Pajeon, Naengmyun and many side dishes... (only the Pajeon is made by me). Right: Hoddeok with green tea taste and a caramelized mix of brown sugar and cinnamon inside. (I get hungry while writing this...)


One of my favourite Korean dishes is Labokki (라볶이), but this is my special version including chicken meat and corn, which are usually not included. Spicy and sweet Korean dish with rice cake (떡), Odeng (오댕), 진라면 and vegetables. The right picture shows a Korean chicken stew called "Jjimdak" (찜닭).


The left picture shows Bibimnaengmyun (비빔냉면) - cold noodles in ice sauce with hot pepper paste (고추장) and vegetables, meat and egg. Perfect lunch on a hot day! On the right the best snack ever: Kimbab! (NOT Sushi!) The Korean version contains carrot, pickled radish (단무지), cucumber, egg and crab meat (개맛살).


Now I show you an experiment: "Meat-Maki-Sushi"! Minced meat instead of rice, puff pastry instead of seaweed (Nori)...



From salty food I'd like to come to bakery. First of all my favourite cookies called "Hanseaten". One piece is two cookies with jam in between and a sugar coating on top. Usually the coating is two-coloured (red and white) like on the left. Once I made them in the style of the "Taegeukki" in the middle of the Korean flag (right)...


The next picture shows my attempt to bake my former University workgroup's logo (you can see on the inset picture) on the day I got my PhD degree (for the celebration after the ceremony): Hanseaten in fish shape plus a fish-shaped chocolate-cherry cake.

Here are two other kinds of cookies I tried. Left: Orange-Marzipan-Schweineohren ("pig ears"). Puff pastry cookies filled with orange jam and marzipan. Right: "Linzer Augen" (Eyes of Linz), Austrian cookies with marmelade and some covered with powder sugar.


I often make bread! The taste of fresh bread fills the home with a very special atmosphere!

I like to give self-made cakes as a gift to special friends. Here you see the leftovers of a two-coloured cake with cherries and white chocolate coating.

The next pictures are all ginger bread houses from different years. If you want to know more about how to make them and what is the idea behind, please click here.

2004: Two towers with a ginger bread airplane in one of them (not visible here). 2007: Muensters cathedral.


2008: "Tuckesburg", the former home of the founder of Muensters Zoo, Prof. Landois. 2009: Made in Japan, back to the basics. The most original witch house shape...


2010: Castle of Muenster (University's administration building)

2011: Castle Neuschwanstein.


In the 2012 season I made two houses. The first was for the annual gingerbread house Party at my home with friends and colleagues. I tried to make a temple.

The second was in February 2013 for my family: a gingerbread version of our former house in the countryside:

In december 2013 I just moved to Taiwan and introduced myself with a gingerbread version of the Taipei101, until 2008 the highest building of the world. My gingerbread101 with a height of 118 cm was the highest I made so far.

Finally here is a sweet dessert: Icecream freshly made with an icecream-machine. This is blackberry (黑莓, 검은 딸기) orange icecream.