Another hobby of mine is constructing furniture and designing my home interior. Here are some of my works.

As child and teenager on the countryside I often built something from wood or other materials. I guess I improved my skills especially in "Pannonia", where my friends and me built huts (up to three floors!), tables, ovens, etc. My father had all kind of tools, electric saws, drillers, drivers, etc. that I was allowed to use. The first time I really made use of that skill was in my second home in Münster. My room was 6,50 meters long and 3,50 meters wide. I had many ideas how to structure the room. I constructed a desk at the back of the room that reached from the left to the right wall. In the middle of the room I built a shelf that divided the room into two parts, "working space" with desk and storage drawers and "living space" with bed, sofa, a low table and a cabinet.


I wanted to have a special bed with some features like a laptop holder, a table, storage space, integrated alarm clock and speakers (to enjoy music or movies in bed). So I built that one:

The duckboard that the mattress lies on was foldable to an upright position so that I could sit in bed, studying or working on the table, even eat there... I only had to leave the bed to go to the toilet from time to time... I painted the bed black so that it matches with the rest of the interior. All my furniture was black, the walls were white, most decoration and the carpet floor was red. You couldn't find any blue in my room...

My next apartment was very small, only one room, so I had to structure it very well to have kitchen, bed, cabinet, desk AND sofa with table in that small room. Again I built a kind of partition by connecting the bed to a drawer which was extended by a shelf. The kitchenette was a little tricky because the wall was kinked and not straight. But with a middle part shaped in the right way I succeeded in matching all parts together.

The apartment I had after that was much bigger. I had a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, a bedroom and a balcony! Many opportunities for me to decorate and construct! I was so used to the shelf reaching into the room that I made it again in the living room:

On the balcony I constructed a scaffold for hanging a chair. Some "grass imitating" carpeting, many flowers and a reed fence completed the perfect spot for a lazy sunday afternoon...

The next piece of furniture was made in my place in Taiwan. Taiwanese apartments are usually structured in a way that is very different from German housing. Here people don't separate "storage space" (or any kind of "functional" space) from "living space" (comfortable and cozy). In order to create a much more "homy" atmosphere (and to have space for my E-Piano and to store some ugly household items invisibly) I took up my "room partitioning element" again and made this:

I am a big fan of comfortable lighting! I want to avoid cold headlights, but prefer warm light from corners, along walls or shelves, and decorative lamps. Here I drilled 100 holes into the ceiling for the bulbs of a light chain: