Here are some pictures of me through the years:

Summer 1907 after my first Korean soup... Too much Chili...

On Christmas 1921 I got my first drumset. What a day...

Happy times! End-of-Highschool-Party in Kuala Lumpur, 1932:

Me crossing the dangerous floating sands of Bomakesh, Morocco, over a very instable bridge made of crocodile leather during the first of my Africa expeditions, 1947:

Me at the Buffet of the Opening Ceremony of the rebuild German Bundestag (Government Building) after 2nd World War, 1949 (after returning from the Africa expedition, very hungry...):

Me on the Nil (Egypt), 2nd Africa expedition, 1951:

Me, glad to be back home, returning from my third Africa expedition including 100 days on Mount Kilimancharo, 1953:

Me having fun with fossils of ancient animals, which I discovered by myself at Amazonas rainforest, Brazil, 1956:

Me after winning a fight against two demons (turning to stone then) near a Maya temple, Honduras 1958 (coming directly from Brazil, still the same clothes...):

Me marrying Miss Korea 1961 (traditional style), Kyung-Ju, South Korea, 1962. (I left her after I found out she was a North Korean spy trying to infiltrate West Germany... I guess I saved the Western world one more time!)

My deepest fall: Me as a poor beggarman living on the streets of Mexico City, 1967, after loosing all my belongings in a failed business...

Me working as a call boy to earn some money after my failed business in Mexico, 1968:

Me and my first guitar, a birthday gift from my old friend Gary Moore (next to me), 1969 (after Woodstock):

Me at a concert with Art Garfunkel (behind the Microphone) in New York, 1973. My wild years!

Me being angry after a stupid tourist asked me if I was Jesus. The only time I was angry between 1908 and today.

Sex, drugs and Rock'n'Roll, the wild years, 1975:

Me starting a carreer as actor, here as King Lear (Shakespear), Open Air Theatre London, 1979 (but due to lower income focussing on music again some months later...):

Me meditating at a very modern abbey (see the cars in the background) in Nepal, 1982:

Me masqueraded as a Koala bear for Helloween, very frightening, USA 1984:

Me after the best Heavy Metal Gig ever, in front of 140000 people at Uusikaupunki, Finnland, 1987:

Me and a small version of my drumset on a Gig for 5 people (only guys, damn) in Bagdad, Iraque, 1988 (Metal was not so popular there...):

The same Gig, 30 minutes after the previous picture. I nearly got a death penalty for taking off my clothes during the concert, but I could escape through the bathroom window of the police station. After cutting my beard no one could find me... What an adventure!

Me after tearing down parts of the Berlin Wall in 1989:

Me and a very small version of my drumset replacing the sick Jack deJohnette, playing Jazz with Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny and Dave Holland, looking confused at Pat who just played something totally weird! Montreal Jazz Festival 1991

Me leaving the tour bus in a hurry, because we were nearly late for a Heavy Metal Gig at Rock in Rio, Brazil, 1992:

Me and my new hairstyle, inspired by Carlos Valderama (soccer player), Colombia, 1994:

Me and two baby pineapples, found in the forest, Hawaii, 1996:

Me singing Joe Cocker songs on the 70th birthday of Sean Connery, Glasgow (Scotland), 2000:

Me and the korean soccer player Park Ji-Sung in the mud of the completely destroyed field in the Seoul Stadium after chearing for the Korean team during the Soccer WorldCup 2002!

Me playing with Metallica (Lars Ulrich hurt his hand the day before...), Rock am Ring, Germany, 2003

Me practising for the casting of "Pirates of the Carribean", 2003, Hollywood. But a guy with no talent (forgot his name) got the main part (Jack Sparrow). I was angry and gave up acting completely!

Escaping from a Tsunami wave, Indonesia, December 2004:

Me and my hobby, chemistry, at my private lab at Harvard University, USA, 2005 (monday afternoon):

Me tired after too much Sushi in the japanese capital Düsseldorf, 2006:

Me during a very dangerous experiment with explosive materials, adding a liquid Krypton crystal, keeping a safety distance as required in the safety instructions! Florida (Kanada), 2007:

Me being inspired by the Great Buddha on Seoraksan Mountain in South Korea, 2008. (Just kidding)

Me singing Karaoke in Nagoya, Japan, yesterday:

Me comparing hair length with the young Frodo Baggins, The Shire, Eriador, 2316 D.Z.:

Me on "Father's Day" in 2037... Maybe... You never know...